• If you do not have a consistent grooming level in all of your portfolio, you will not be a successful model.
    A model portfolio is not a collection of images that show all the different way you can look. Instead it is a collection of shots that prove your in shape and know how to work a camera. The photos MUST tell the client considering hiring you “what you look like right now”. If your shots have a beard in some, red hair in others, and even a bald one. All you are telling the client is that you are naive and therefore un hirable. Never show a client a photo that mis represents you. In other words. If all your shots have you as a clean shaven blonde and a client hired you by looking at the photos and then you show up for the job with black buzz cut and full beard the client is not going to be happy. You lied about your appearance and due to that lie you wasted a clients time and money. You could easily get “black listed” and never work again. Return to questions